if this doesn´t want to work this time i give up
and sorry for a bunch of text, id use a read more but it doesn´t work on photos which is dumb  

so I got a chest binder as a christmas present and I took some photos with and without a shirt to see how it looks and to show Spencer how it looks because I think she should buy one too u_u 

 so, Spencer, this is how it looks.

it´s really great because it´s so comfortable and it supports all around like over the chest and back.
I have this back problem from cracking my back too much so my backs crooked at several places so I can´t have to much pressure around me because then it hurts like a frickin pickledick so it was really hard to use bandages to flatten down my chest but the chest binder´s really great because it doesn´t hurt at all so if you have a similar problem i totally recommend to use the binder.
if someones considering on buying one i recommend buying it from underworks it´s easy, there a lot of different kinds and it was really easy to understand everything and it ships international and you get it really fast, like I live in sweden and I got it under a weeks time

though it´s kinda weird to run up and down stairs because the binder flatten down the breasts but it´s still ‘empty’ on the underside so it still bounces and stuff and kinda feel really strange but it´s only in the stairs and it´s not like it hurts or anything it just feels funny. but I guess it also depends on how big breasts you have? i dunno
another thing is that it´s kinda hard to put it on because around where your chest and higher back is it doesn´t stretch at all but it might be me who doesn´t know how to put it on because im a clumsy poopface who falls out of the bed every morning so i´ve probably lost the brain cells to know how to put on clothes.

 It really looks as I thought it would, obviously it´s impossible for it to make some one totally flat chested if you´re not flat chested from the beginning. but I´m really satisfied with how it looks and it´s comfortable so it definitely a 10/10 thing for flattening your chest 
but I dunno if it really shows but irl it kinda looks like when a guy has that halfbreastmusclethingy so it looks good and right like it makes sense and stuff 

so yeah, as i said 10/10 would buy (and i have and will probably buy more of them) 
and again im sorry for the long text, ill tag this as long post